Hunting Rates 2022

Arctic Brown Bear / Grizzly Bear Spring/Fall10 DAY HUNT$16,500
Alaska Yukon Moose7 DAY HUNT$23,000
Black Bear
- Additional trophy feed $2,500
5 DAY HUNT$8,500
Mountain Goat10 DAY HUNT$18,000
-Additional trophy fee $3,500
7 DAY HUNT- $12,000 (One person)
- $10,500 (Two person)
- $10,000 (Three person)
Spring Snowmobile Wolf Hunt
- Up to 20 wolves
5 DAY HUNT$7,500
Sitka Black Tail Deer5 DAY HUNT$4,000

The following animals can be added to any of the base hunts for the following prices provided they are within season. The fee is only payable upon pulling the trigger and taking or wounding and animal:

  • Caribou/Reindeer – $3,500
  • Wolf – FREE
  • Black Bear – $3,000
  • Arctic Brown Bear/Grizzly Bear – $7,500


LicensesU.S. ResidentForeign
Duck Stamp (State)$10$10
Duck Stamp (Federal)$25$25
APHA Fee$150$150
Game TagsU.S. ResidentForeign
Brown Bear$1,000$1,300
Mountain Goat$600$800
Black Bear$450$600
Deer, Sitka Black Tail$300$400

Licenses and fees for non-Alaskan resident not included in the hunt cost.

Additional fee: life-size Moose Caping – $1,500

Trophy/Meat Policy

FAST will transport your trophies (antlers and cape) to Nome Everates air cargo freezer for shipping to Anchorage. Once dropped off at Everates in Nome they become the responsibility of the Client. 

We recommend using AK Trophy Expediters.

The Meat will be become property of Fejes Adventures and given to local Native food programs unless other arangments are made. The Meat can be shipped to anchorage using Everates air aircargo. The cost for shipping is about $0.50 a pound. AK Trophy Expediters can handle shipping some meat to you if you want to prearrange shipping with him.

There is no freezer space in Nome and we aren’t able to freeze your meat to take it back on the airline with you as baggage. 

There are approximately 600-800 pounds of meat on a moose.